Advertise Your Brand to the My Halal Kitchen Audience

My Halal Kitchen would be delighted to work to provide our platform as a place to showcase and promote the products and services of your company. We offer site-wide opportunities in the form of premium banners, static and dynamic banner ads, videos ads, pop-up ads, in-post ads and more. See below to decide on the type of ad you’d like to purchase and the current available dates.

Wherever you see a banner with the word – Advertisement –  that ad is available for direct purchase below. If you see a Google Ad in a space you would like to advertise, please contact us directly to set that up immediately: contact@myhalalkitchen.com.

If you would like to geo-target your ad to a specific location (i.e. a city or even a specific country), please let us know and we can arrange that.

If you would like to schedule an ad to appear at a specific time or for select hours of a certain day, we can arrange that. Please contact us for more details.

Once you have selected your banner size, location and date to appear on our site, you will be asked to register your business so that you can have access to your own dashboard and monitor the success of your ad.

All additional inquiries please email us:  Contact@myhalalkitchen.com


*Disclaimer:  All ads are shown globally except in the cases where a space may be taken by a vendor geo-targeting a specific country.