Agar-Agar: The Halal Alternative to Animal Gelatins

Agar Agar is a combination of sea-derived flakes that gels when combined with liquids, making it perfect for vegetarians and those concerned with eating halal since it’s an all-natural substitute for pork-derived gelatin and any other non-halal, non-dhabiha meat sources of gelatin (which can also come from beef). It is most often derived from seaweed. 

agar agar post 1

I have found this variety most readily at Whole Foods Markets in the Asian food section or on Amazon at this link.


It’s super convenient to use, no-mess. 
agar agar flakes on plate

You can also find other varieties in health food stores, Asian stores, Indo-Pak stores and online.

You can also get agar agar powder that is Kosher-certified, at this Amazon link


In the Chicagoland area, try Uni Mart (a Filipino Food Market) where they sell inexpensive agar agar that you must break off to flake and measure yourself (as in the photo below).  

Agar Agar | My Halal Kitchen Pantry

Unimart is located at:

7315 W Dempster Ave (between Harlem Ave & Oketo Ave)

Niles, IL 60714

(847) 663-8388   


What would you actually use agar-agar for in cooking? 

You can use it to make homemade desserts such as fruit gelatines (think Strawberry jell-o), and the delicious Italian panna cotta delights. (I have recipes for both in my Summer Ramadan Cooking book, available in paperback or on Kindle). 


For savory dishes, you can use agar agar to make meat terrines such as beef, chicken or duck pate. Ooh, la la- tre French! 

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  1. agar-agar is from indonesia we indonesian eat jelly made from agar-agar i’m glad any person in the world use agar-agar because its halal and comes from natural

  2. Not necessarily indonesia.. Sabah, Malaysia is also one of the seaweed jelly manufacturer..

    I wish there are more halal gelatins in the market..

  3. Dear Sir,
    We are one of the leading indenting houses in Bangladesh. A good number of industrial units have been established here which are capable of meeting consumer demands here and abroad. Presently, we are in search of Agar Agar for our potential customers, the Industries.
    As such, we need Agar Agar, which, we know, is one of the prime products of your esteem company. We can support each other for mutual business benefit. We would therefore request you to quote us best prices of the Agar Agar per MT for 1 MT CNF Chittagong along with product Certificate of Analysis (CoA) printed on manufacturer’s letterhead pad, MSDS and through email, ultimately to be submitted to the customers for their quality appraisal.
    Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you and with best and regards
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          1. There are sometimes issues with packaging as well as manufacturing, so yes there can be scenarios in which a product is naturally halal but not after the way it is handled.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for your e mail.
      Please share your contact details along with e mail id to share you the additional information .

      Thanks & Best Regards

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