Recently I was interviewed for a podcast by Walid Darab of Greed for Ilm to speak with him about how I started this blog and why. It turned into a conversation that took me down the very long path of my own personal memory lane and then jogged my spirit to talk about gardening, what I think of GMOs and what I think the Muslim community needs to be thinking about in terms of the current situation of food– real food, halal food, GMO food/non-GMO food, etc. etc.  It was really interesting- I even listened to it again and realized that he really let me talk for a very long time…

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You can listen to the whole podcast here

podcast page

Walid publishes a lot of interesting topics like this one about the state of the food industry with John Robbins (yes, of the Baskin Robbins family), author of No Happy Cows, so be sure to check out his Facebook paget and Twitter account (@greedforilm) to see all those interesting podcasts in your daily twitter feed.

Thanks, Walid- it was a really great conversation!

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  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Yvonne! Thanks for posting this! It was an honor having you on the podcast! Muslims need to know more about the great work you're doing. You're always welcome back on! Remember: Not just Halal, but HEALTHY and halal! :)

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