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Tips on defrosting meats the right way

I’ve heard (and seen) one too many times that people find it perfectly fine to defrost meat over the counter, overnight. This is a big no-no in food safety because bacteria begins to form on meat when it reaches unsafe temperatures- basically temperatures warmer than your home refrigerator. We all lead busy lives and find ourselves with a frozen brick of meat and a hungry crowd at home- what to do? No take-out: it’s time to defrost that meat quickly yet safely and here’s how:


  1. I’m completely guilty of the counter-thawing method, but I tend to take my meat/chicken out in the morning before going to work, putting it in a bowl of cold water, I but I guess the danger of bacteria is still there! Thank you for this wonderful tip, Yvonne!

  2. I used to do the counter thawing method until one time I gave my family TERRIBLE food poisoning. We were so incredible sick that I learned my lesson to never do it again.. Imagine how bad I felt.

    Now what I do is put it a pot (still in its bag) and run hot water over it from the tap… usually within 10-15 minutes it thaws 🙂

  3. I dont understand both methods are thawing the meat gradually so how can the over counter method be different then allowing bacteria to grow then the immersion in water method? Thanks in advance


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