How the UNHCR Islamic Philanthropy Program Sends Your Zakat Directly to Those in Need

Before Ramadan, I was approached by a team of wonderful UNHCR officers in Canada and the U.S. who asked if I would be interested in learning about the UNHCR Islamic Philanthropy Program. Although I thought I was up to date on the various humanitarian aid organizations helping refugees and internally displaced persons around the globe, I was totally unaware of this incredible program in which all of the boxes have been checked to ensure that the characteristics of the program are 100% zakat-compliant for both donor and recipient, as well as backed by the fatwas of several Muslim scholars. This is important on so many levels, which is one of the many reasons I feel honored to partner with UNHCR this Ramadan to help as many people as we can through our amazing community.

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Later this week, program officers from UNHCR will be LIVE on the MHK Facebook page to discuss the program in more detail, as well as the situation in Yemen. This is the area of focus for our Ramadan partnership because the situation is so incredibly dire and people, including very small children, are in an extremely precarious situation in which your donations could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Displaced children study in a school constructed by UNHCR in Al Raqa site in Sana’a. Over 35 displaced students study primary school inside the hosting site. They used to walk a very long distance to get to the closest public school in their district. ; Al Raqah site hosts some 130 displaced families in Hamdan district, north of Sana’a. The majority of IDPs had to flee from their homes due to conflict and come mainly from Nihm district (in Sana’a, bordering Marib), Hudaydah, Hajjah, Taiz, and Al Jawf governorates, most of them have been displaced for five years, though there are a limited number of families displaced more recently. The main issues reported by the residents include the lack of access to food, (food rations are distributed only to some 20 families). Severe needs for health services (there is no service provider available for free), and a long-term partner to provide water, sanitation and hygiene services. In addition, one of the main issues faced by the residents is housing, land and property issues with the private owners of the land, as some have reported threats of eviction. Most importantly, the IDPs have reported the need for livelihood projects to enable them to be self-reliant and improve their living conditions.

Each of you have helped to create a community of phenomenal, caring, loving and supportive readers who can really make a difference in Yemen this Ramadan.

That’s why I’ve set a goal for us to raise $100,000 USD this Ramadan.

I believe we can surpass this, insha’Allah.

Your generous donation is 100% zakat approved, tax-deductible and will help make an immediate impact – and rush lifesaving supplies like tents, clean water and other critical aid – to those who need it most.

Refugees have lost everything and are facing the most difficult of circumstances just to meet their basic needs and protect their families. But your compassion can bring much-needed relief, comfort and hope to resilient displaced families and tell them they are not alone. 

Please, will you share with your ENTIRE network? Will you donate and talk about this issue with your friends and family? I’m counting on us as a community to go above and beyond the goal set forth. Let’s not disappoint our brothers and sisters going through the unthinkable in Yemen right now. 

About UNHCR:  https://bit.ly/3uawNYF 

About the Islamic Philanthropy Program: https://www.unhcr.ca/how-to-help/islamic-philanthropy/ 

*This images in this post are copyrighted by UNHCR. 

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