Tips for Finding Vintage Kitchenware

Some people consider anything old to be “junk”, while to others feel they’re preserving a piece of history when hanging on to something ‘old’. I personally think it’s neither and I have an affinity for a lot of new and modern things, but I also really love pieces that are rustic yet solid. My home’s interior decor is a combination of both, but mostly made up of only what I love. I think it’s most important to keep what you like to be surrounded with and edit out what you don’t. 

unique antiques at Carriage House Antiques
unique antiques at Carriage House Antiques

That said, I’m always looking for new and unique things to catch my eyes. Since moving to our new neighborhood just over a year ago, I 


I always meet the nicest people when I’m antiquing. These ladies on the edges, Karen and Di, are the owners of Carriage House Antiques and the woman in the middle is a dealer whose name I didn’t get. They’re all very informative and always super nice, which is why I visit as much as I can- they even serve coffee and sweets in the shop, which is a nice added touch.


1.  “Buy what you like and don’t spend a lot of money on the first old thing!” (Ed Fisher of Ridgefield Antiques in Woodstock, IL)

vintage hats at Carriage House Antiques
vintage hats at Carriage House Antiques
Haven’t seen one of these since my college days

2. “Ask the history of a piece before buying it.” -Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake, IL

Vintage lights, books, etc. someone may use these for unique home decor- ever seen how they decorate at Restoration Hardware?
There always seems to be vintage children’s toys at these antique shops.

3. Do a little research on what similar items you’re interested in cost in your area. For example, in my area I know that certain antiques are much more reasonably priced than you would find anywhere close to the city. That’s important to me and makes me feel like I’m bargaining hunting- but only if I know what the going rate is.– (that’s from me)

Of course there will always be some sort of vintage kitchen tools

Do you have any tips you’d like to share about antiquing or vintage shopping? Let us know in the comments below.

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