TimeZ5 Prayer Mat


the world’s first physiological prayer mat

  • Pain Relief

  • Improved Posture Support

  • An Inspiring Boost of Energy


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“My cousin was visiting Dubai and bought the TIMEZ5 prayer mat as a gift for me knowing I had knee problems. The first time I tried it I fell in love with how it works and the comfort is unreal. Most important is my knee pain is much less, and I can spend more time doing my Namaz. It feels like I’m floating on clouds while I’m praying and I love the design.”

Ahmad Khan


“I learned about this NASA space technology prayer mat on Instagram and started to research about TIMEZ5. I then took the risk of purchasing it and have been very happy ever since. My mother, father and I use it together all the time. We are planning to buy a couple more for home, and we intend to go to Hajj next year and will be taking the TIMEZ5 prayer mat with us on the trip inshallah. “

Bassam Jamal, France

I suffered from knee pain after a sports injury when I was a teenager and have had trouble praying ever since. When I first learned about this prayer mat, I could not believe the claims. Then I bought it and tried it, and I loved it. I have since bought the mat as a gift for six family members until today and plan to buy more. This prayer rug is excellent for people who have had an injury and even those who are involved in sports or regular physical activities.

Mohammed Al Murri, Kuwait


How many of you know someone who could benefit from a softer, more therapeutic mat to pray on? We love the uniquely designed prayer mat by TIMEZ5, which is the the world’s first physiological prayer mat to relieve pain, improve posture and boost energy.

Use the coupon code MHK at check out