I’m always so delighted when readers show me where they’ve seen and purchased the My Halal Kitchen cookbook, which has been found around the world. The latest place I’ve been told it was seen was at the Periplus bookstore at Pondok Indah Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was stunned that it made its way all the way there and so grateful to the Periplus who tagged me on Instagram to tell me this, which was so nice.   

The My Halal Kitchen cookbook at Periplus Bookstore in Pondok Indah Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia

If you have seen the My Halal Kitchen cookbook in any bookstore or elsewhere, please tag me on Instagram or send me an email and let me know. I’ll be forever grateful.    

The book is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Barnes & Noble stores around the U.S., the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Kinokuniya Bookstore UAE (2nd floor) at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, Agate Publishing (can purchase large quantities at a discount; 50% discount for single copies; epub and PDF formats available). 

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