For halal food fans everywhere as well as those awaiting something unique in the food world, you might be interested to know that The Huffington Post contributor Naazish YarKhan thinks My Halal Kitchen could be making a difference.

She wrote a wonderful piece about this website and the growing halal food industry (i.e. companies like Crescent Foods and Taqwa Eco-Food), as well as a rising interest in halal foods, in general.

Please check out the article, comment on it and pass it on to everyone you know. The more comments, the better chance it has to be moved into a more visible area of The Huffington Post.

Insha’allah, it will help spread the word about what halal food is and about its numerous health benefits.  Thanks, Naazish, for the time spent to discuss My Halal Kitchen, and thanks to everyone who has commented already.

Read the full article: A Halal Spin on Italian and Mexican Food At My Halal Kitchen

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