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Tomato Troubleshooter | Natural Skincare Recipe- My Halal Kitchen

Homemade Skincare: Tomato Troubleshooter

No need for added ingredients here- the tomato itself contains all you need to help remove blemishes, take care of acne problems and exfoliate...
Homemade Papaya and Pineapple Eye Cream | My Halal Kitchen

Homemade Papaya & Pineapple Eye Cream

Both papaya and pineapple can actually be used separately as an eye cream, but together they are even more powerful. Both fruits contain highly-effective exfoliating...

Homemade Skincare: Kitchen Pantry Body Scrub

Another day, another chance to get closer to healthier skin by making your own skincare, if you so choose. Just as the name indicates, you...