Sweet & Savory Snacks for any Night of the Week

Everyone wants snacks, even without celebration days, right?  I’m not a big snacker on a daily basis, but I do like to make my own when I am craving them or doing a bit of a Netflix bing. Diriglis Ertugrul, anyone? 

Here are a few ideas for you to serve to your guests if you’re hosting a party or just having guests over for coffee, tea or mocktails on the day of Eid or for your own personal and family movie nights.

Just click on the photos to get to the recipes. 

Creamy Herb Dip with Crudites. This is easy finger food– pick up this lovely cream dip with baked lentil chips– they’re very, very good. 


Sweet & Spicy Tropical Snack Mix

Unique snack mix, homemade and SO easy to do! Seriously, e.a.sy. And just a little sweet. 

snack mix bowl

Savory Party Snack Mix

This mix is a blend of a variety of spicy and smoky, which I love. 

ingredients for winter party mix

Crunchy Party Mix
Not as savory as the one above, but nice and crunchy and you can make it light on the salt if you get the unsalted nuts.                                         

Snack Mix (2)

Smoked Salmon dips are the best. I will never buy this ready-made. I’m sure they’re fine, but it just doesn’t sit right with me because I want to make sure the salmon is fresh. Plus, you can make your own in this simple recipe. Seriously simple. 

Smoked Salmon Dip | My Halal Kitchen

Caribbean Style Shrimp Salad. This is such a refreshing appetizer and one of my favorites. I think it’s great for all of you who live in nice, warm and tropical weather but those of us in Chicago could also use a nice hefty dose of Vitamin C that’s in here…

bowl of shrimp salad

There’s plenty more on this site, so please have a browse around. I’d love to know what you decide to make, so please share in the comments below…

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