This isn’t really a formal recipe post but more of a suggestion for what you can do with summer veggies- stew them in herbs, oil and their own wonderful juices. Read on to find out how.

zucchini stewed 640

Use a large saute pan to heat some oil, then add freshly cut vegetables such as zucchini, other types of squash, tomatoes, beans and garlic. Add fresh herbs, if you have them otherwise use dried- plus salt and pepper. Once they’re slightly browned, cover the pan and let them cook in their juices on low heat, also known as ‘braising‘. 

Beautiful Zucchini Stewing

After about 10-20 minutes, you’ll have lovely soft vegetables that can be added to rice or pasta or eaten on their own with some yogurt.  add beans to stewed zucchini It’s one of the many wonderful ways to enjoy the summer harvest, especially when there’s such an abundance of it, masha’Allah.

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  1. I am one of your big fans and I must say may Allah bless u for the good work and help u ameen. I do have a little problem and that is I live in Germany Hamburg and some times I find it difficult to find some of things u use in cooking or I don't know their name in deutsche. Thanks

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