This Ramadan is a great time to get eco-friendly or rev up your already environmentally-consciousness mindset by saving all fruit and vegetable scraps, eggs shells, tea bags, and coffee grounds…to make compost. 

compost materials

You can get a small bucket with a tight-fitting lid and keep the scraps somewhere that makes it easy for you to move to your compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, you can even shred everything up even further and till it into your soil at planting time.

Here’s our bin- I know it has the openings, but once the compost fills in, it will thicken and it won’t be such a problem, insha’Allah. It’s already fine with just our food scraps and heavier waste like leaves, branches and evergreens.

You certainly don’t need ones as large as these- we’re trying to grow a lot of organic vegetables and fruits on our property, so we need a lot of good compost. It would be pretty expensive to buy. 

compost bin

And this is what good compost looks like. That’s why it’s often referred to as ‘black gold’. It’s used to plant seeds, pot up plants, add add to soil as an amendment for nutritional value. It’s really one of the great miracles of recycling, well really it’s re-using. Those scraps you saw above will eventually become this, insha’Allah, under the right conditions.

what good compost looks like

It makes me feel great to know that with every banana smoothie I make, every salad I prepare, all the frittatas I cook will eventually become something that will later feed the soil that will grow our plants that will feed us once again, insha’Allah. It’s such a beautiful cycle. 

Ramadan really is the perfect time to appreciate this, don’t you think?

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