I don’t know about you but the avocado is definitely one of my most favored foods on the planet. It’s so nutritious and delicious, I’ve been eating them for their wonderful good fats all of my adult life. Here’s one of my quickest breakfast (or lunch) recipes for the ever-trendy Avocado Toast with Pink Himalayan Salt from Mountain Rose Herbs

Another favorite ‘food‘ or ingredient is Himalayan Pink Salt, which I choose over iodized table salt for all of its health benefits. I cook with it when I’m not using sea salt, but it’s really on my table to use for additional flavoring to foods like this avocado toast, but pretty much anything else that needs salt. 

There are numerous benefits to Himalayan Pink Salt, such as:

  • Balancing your body’s electrolytes (I like to dilute this salt in water for a day or so and then drink this after a powerful workout to re-hydrate and replenish my body after losing liquids through sweating)
  • Also for after a workout, it relieves muscle cramping because it has trace amounts of magnesium in it. 

Order your salt directly from the Mountain Rose Herbs site, or from the information below. 

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