Sponsored: Chickpea Masala Giveaway by Saffron Road Foods

We’re all in this global pandemic together, sharing ideas and inspiration for ways to be healthy while quarantined, ways to share what we have and pivoting towards new ways of doing things all the same things we’ve done before- and that can really make a difference when it comes to cooking, feeding and serving others right now. 

If you’ve followed this blog before, you know that I have a deep relationship with some key brands because not only do I believe in their products in terms of quality, taste and integrity, but I genuinely like the people working to bring the brand to the public. When it comes to good quality, healthy and convenient halal, non-GMO food, Saffron Road tops that list solidly, for several years now. 

They’ve been consistently putting out new products that are conducive to a busy person’s lifestyle, without sacrificing good nutrition, either. They take great care to keep their ingredients clean and simple. All of their products are halal-certified, many are gluten-free and nonGMO. What I love is that not only do they carry snacks and convenient meals, but they carry things that are versatile, such as the new Chickpea Masala, Authentic India Chana Masala (medium heat) packs. 

Each box comes with eight packs of the 10-ounce packs. These are so convenient at a time when it’s hard to come by fresh foods or you may be out of room in the freezer and fridge from having stocked up on frozen or refrigerated products. If you stock up, you also don’t have to go out as often, which is a very good thing right now!

As long as you don’t open them, they’re perfectly fine at room temperature. Once heated in the microwave or a sauce pan, you can add the cooked masala to rice for 1-2 servings, depending on whether they are the main meal or a side dish. How delicious, quick and satisfying is that?  It’s also suitable for vegans!

I also think it’s also a great product to purchase for those folks who are working around the clock to save lives in our hospitals (all staff including doctors, nurses, housekeeping, etc.), and so many more. It’s an easy-to-eat, nutritious product that will serve these folks who need to eat quickly and get back to work under some really difficult circumstances. I’m sure they would appreciate something like this. Check out Saffron Road’s store locator at this link

To get you started on a box of your own, Saffron Road is giving away three (3) 50 gift cards to three randomly-selected winners (U.S. address only) who comments on this post. Just comment your own innovative way that you would serve and eat the Chickpea Masala and you’ll be entered to win. Deadline Ends Tuesday, April 6. 

Head on over to a Costco store (in AL, CT, DC, DE, FL, MA, MD, NC, NH, NJ, PA, SC, VA, VT) to find this and many other Saffron Road items. Just be sure to be safe when going out and practice #socialdistancing. We will get through this….

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our three winners: Kristy Wolfgang, JW, and Khoula Rashid. Please contact me ASAP with your address so we can get your gift card sent to you. Thanks!

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  1. I would serve chickpeas with white rice and side of shami kabob.

  2. I would try to add potatoes or meat with other vegetables and make them into empanadas. Perfect for a quick Ramadan side dish!

  3. I tried their chicken brot its amazing. Would like to try other products to

  4. I would make a breakfast chickpea bowl. Top the breakfast bowls with 2 sunny side up eggs, avocado slices and fresh cilantro. Ummm…sounds healthy and delicious.

  5. I would add this in a salad. Sounds delicious. I’m a vegetarian so I look for new recipes all the time.

  6. wow … lots to choice to experiment with here. Love to try them all.

  7. Wow this looks delicious. I would add this to jasmine or basmati rice and salad and chicken to make like a burrito bowl. Chickpeas are a great source of zinc especially now that we need it as much as we can to get our immune system stronger.

  8. I would eat this over basmati rice or I would incorporate it into a wrap with chicken and spinach.

  9. I would serve and eat this chick pea masala with a side of curried chicken and potatoes

  10. Saffron Road’s Chickpea Masala topped with chopped cilantro and spooned over a grilled chicken breast sounds mouthwatering to me! Appreciate the delicious giveaway!

  11. Love Saffron Road foods!
    I’ve been a long time vegetarian so I rely a lot on beans and lentils. I have put cubed tofu into the Chickpea Masala as well as added kale and cauliflower. Extra fiber and vitamins!

  12. I would serve this delicious Chickpea Masala with basmati rice topped with coriander leaves and add some lemon juice to it. Trust me, it would taste heavenly.

  13. I would love having something like this to quickly make and put along side whatever is left on the fridge! I have 4 kids 4 and under, so the hulk of my diet is what they don’t finish or whatever is quick to prepare so I can keep up with them! Something like this could be amazing to keep on hand! i have considered trying saffron road many times but yet to take the plunge.

  14. There are so many ways that I can’t think of only one. With rice is the classic way, but on top of other grains like buckwheat, couscous or quinoa it would also be delicious. I’d add some cashews to is as well.

  15. I love making Chana pulau in my instant pot – I would add this chickpea masala to uncooked rice and water in the instant pot for a flavorful upgrade to Chana pulau! Can’t wait!

  16. I would love to bring these to work! As an essential worker, my colleagues and I would certainly appreciate a warm meal to get us through the long days (12 hour) we are working.

  17. I would love to add this to my list of things I tried and loved. Sounds great Thanks

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