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This past Ramadan I got really used to drinking smoothies at iftar and sometimes even at suhoor.  Now here were are a couple of months out, and they are very much still on my radar, especially since I’ve frozen so much of the fruit that was leftover and still gets left over from weekly shopping. But what I decided to do this time around was to make packs of fruits, combining the ones I wanted to have together in a smoothie since it’s just easier to take it right out of the bag and add the things you can’t necessarily freeze so well.  Here’s what I do:

Zipsicles and Harira 059

Gather your favorite fruits, freshest fruits, most seasonal fruits and think about what combos you’d like to prepare in a smoothie. Then, get proper freezing bags, plus think about what liquids you’d like to add to the smoothies once they’re prepared fresh (I don’t actually advise freezing milk, yogurt, coconut water or any creams but just showed them here for visual purposes). 

Zipsicles and Harira 065

Mark the bags, using freezer tape and nice and bright markers like Sharpies, which don’t bleed when cold or frozen.

Zipsicles and Harira 307

I personally like to combine dates with figs, dates with apricots, figs with bananas, pineapple with banana and coconut flakes.

Zipsicles and Harira 310

Proportionally, I bag enough for one or two, but not more than that at a time so that they’re easy for everyone in the house to make their one when they want, especially for breakfast. 

Zipsicles and Harira 315

For example, I put 2 large figs (cut in half so that when they’re frozen they’re easy on the blender), 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup whole milk. Really delicious and makes about 12 ounces of a very smooth smoothie when blended until all the lumps are gone.

Zipsicles and Harira 331 One last word of advice is to use whole milk products such as whole-milk yogurt so that the resulting drink isn’t too watery. Coconut water is so excellent in smoothies, too, but you almost never need as much as you think because the fruits have so much water in them, too, especially after they’ve been frozen. 

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  1. Great idea! I just to a subset of what you do, that is just take fruit left over from a recipe and freeze it to use later. I really should look around when at the farmer’s market and load up on what’s fresh and available to enjoy during the winter months.

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