Salep Salepi Sahlab Sahlep 100% Wild Powder from Orchis Mascula Roots 80 gr – 2.83 oz Price: $17.80 (as of 14/08/2022 19:58 PST- Details)

Salep Sahlab Sahlep




High Quality Pure Greek Salep Powder Without Admixure Salep is a beverage, heating, preventive of colds and flu, while ficing the cold stomach. Soothes nerves, eliminates stress and fatigue givingwellness and alertness simultaneously.It is rich in starch and minerals, such as phosphorus and calcium, therefore tones the whole body. The salep derived from bulbs of a wild orchid and is used as a winter heating, emollient and nutritious beverage.In Greece grows in Pindos and called sernikovotano, because they believed that if the prospective father ate large tubers salep will be born male child.There are testimonies of patients from severe dysentery,without any hope to survive, since they could not accept any food. They tried tokeep alive, Medicinal qualities of Orchis Mascula : Astringent, Demulcent, Expectorant, Nutritive, Restorative, Invigorator and Sexual tonic. Actions of Orchis Mascula (Salabmisri / salep): Aphrodisiac Tonic,

Salep Sahlab Sahlep

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