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Delicious short spiral shaped pasta
100% Durum Wheat Semolina
Made in Italy





De Cecco gently grinds the heart of each grain, mixes it with cold spring water, then kneads the dough slowly. This results in pasta with the exceptional de Cecco aroma, flavor, and consistency. Pasta easily cooks to perfection, has a great firm texture, and a delicious “fresh” pasta taste. It has a rougher surface, which helps the sauce stick to it. Since 1886 we have liked our pasta to be bronze drawn and slowly dried because we like it to fall into the plate full of taste, rough and always “al dente”. Even though our taste has not changed, as we feel the same love for tradition, we have continued to improve our production technologies. Make de Cecco pasta the secret ingredient for your most amazing dishes.Buon Appetito! Fusilli come from Campania and belong to the short, straight cut family of pasta. In the past, Fusilli were made by hand according to a method that was passed down from one generation to the next. You had to rapidly twist a strand of spaghetti around a knitting needle with a skilled hand. The ability required to perform this procedure is reminiscent of that of spinners and as a matter of fact, the term “fusillo” comes from “fuso” (spindle) which was the tool used by spinners. This pasta is particularly good with meat and fish based sauces or with condiments made with ricotta. It is also perfect with vegetable sauces too that are prepared with a tomato sauce with peppers, aubergines, olives and capers. Available in 16.0 oz and 5 lb pack.

Delicious short spiral shaped pasta
100% Durum Wheat Semolina
Made in Italy
Cooking time: 11 min – Al dente: 9 min
Shaped through Bronze Dies to create a rough surface to better retain sauce
Slowly Dried at low Temperature to Preserve Nutritional Properties. GMO Free. Kosher.

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