Bismillah Aprons

I’m so pleased to finally be able to launch these aprons, illustrating several languages added on to “Bismillah” (what a Muslim says before eating, which means ‘in the name of God’) with what is also commonly said in French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic (transliteration).

*An important note about these aprons*

Bismillah Aprons contain the name of Allah (God) and are not suitable for instances where the name of Allah will be disrespected (i.e. putting the apron on the ground, making a mockery, etc.) and should be washed by themselves.

Bismillah ApronsGet Yours Now- they make great gifts for ‘Eid, housewarming gifts, bridal showers and more!

One-Size Fits All

Check out all the aprons up close…

BonAppetitApronFrench (above); Spanish (below)

BuenProvechoApronArabic (below)

Sahteen Italian (below)


One-Size Fits All


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  1. AsSalamuAlkaium

    I am trying to order the Bismillah apron in Italian and the order keeps on adding the Arabic version. Can you help
    Jazakallah Khair

  2. I just received my apron, it’s so beautiful, superb quality, the same quality found at speciality stores like Williams Sonoma & it was wonderfully packaged. Thank you Yvonne !!

  3. @Hanna- thank you so much for you compliment. I am delighted to know you’ll be enjoying your apron- happy halal cooking!!

  4. Masha Allah, they look great! ;D A friend of mine owned one of those, she loves it! Keep up the good work. May Allah give much barakah in what you are doing. Ameen.