Sautéed Spinach, Baby Zucchini and Mushrooms

Sauteed Spinach and Zucchini | My Halal Kitchen

The season in between spring and summer is the time to make the best use of delicious veggies- spinach, baby zucchini, fingerling potatoes, and white button mushrooms. Fortunately for us, they all go so well together in flavor profiles, too. Try this saute recipe over rice or pasta. We even had the leftovers stuffed in pita halves with melted cheese. Ah-mazing…

veggies sauteeing in butter and olive oil

Sautéed in butter and olive oil

fresh basil and squash

fresh basil from my garden; baby zucchini squash. Get all the ingredients ready ahead of time because the cooking goes fast.

brown the squash
 Brown the ingredients well- that’s what makes this dish so tasty.

begin with veggies

add the spinach last, though. It will give the dish some moisture and, of course, an additional flavor profile

add the spinach

add the washed spinach greens direclty on top- all of them.

cover the pan

then cover the top of the pan- I know my lid doesn’t match, but it was the first one I found

chopped spinach to saute

 after a few minutes, the spinach should cook down nicely. check on it but don’t keep opening it up.

saute of vegetables done

It should take about ten minutes to finish. Wasn’t that easy?

Sautéed Spinach, Baby Zucchini and Mushrooms

Serves 2-4


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon butter

1 cup fingerling potatoes, diced

1/2 pound baby zucchini squash (or regular squash), sliced in half lengthwise

1 pound button mushrooms, sliced

sea salt, to taste

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1 pound fresh spinach greens

2 tablespoons freshly chopped basil


Heat butter over medium flame in a skillet or sauté pan. When the butter froths, add the oil. Once warmed, add the diced potatoes.

Add the cut squash and brown on each side, about three minutes each. Once browned, add the mushrooms, salt and pepper. Brown for a few minutes.

Add the fresh spinach and wait a few minutes for it to cook down before covering with a lid. Check on it once by opening the lid and adding the freshly chopped basil. Cover again and finish cooking, for a total cooking time of about ten minutes.

Serve over rice, noodles or in a sandwich.

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  1. This looks yummy. I will be trying it tomorrow. I am always looking for a good veggie recipe for my non-meat loving boys. Thanks!!

  2. Dear Yvonne,
    I made this dish today and it was simply AMAZING! the combination of the flavors and the aroma was to die for! I served it with pan fried pangasius.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us..

    1. @Gulan- thank you SO much for trying out the recipe AND coming back to tell me how much you liked it, I am so happy you loved it!

  3. Delicious! I added garlic and sprinkled with goat’s cheese. YUM. Will probably double the amount of potatoes next time. Thanks for the idea!

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