Saffron Road’s Example of Sustainability & Ethical Practices in the Halal Industry

In my quest to seek out ethically-sound businesses that also put out a quality halal product, I have come across a small handful I would recommend, mainly because the owners behind them are forthcoming about the origins of their ingredients and how they ensure what we’re buying is not mingled with any inhumane treatment of people, animal, or environment. Eco-halal, a term coined to include environmentally-friendly practices with a focus on maintaining halal, comes to mind here.

Saffron Road Leading the Way

Saffron Road lamb is humanely-raised

Saffron Road, the company whose healthy, convenient halal products you’ve all heard me rave about is leading the way in this arena.

 Saffron Road's meats are all certified-humane

In fact, I’m always learning new things about its commitment to eco-friendly practices that don’t just stop with their certified-humane food products, but also include their packaging.

Their new Simmer Sauces for example, come in light pouches that are easy to ship, reducing the amount of fuel (and carbon footprint) needed to stock the shelves of retail stores around the country.  With as much work as it takes to source, develop and manufacture a food product, it really demonstrates how Saffron Road is conscious of every detail when they tie it up with eco-friendly packaging.

Saying NO to GMOs

What Saffron Road doesn’t do is just as important as what they do. Since I’m a huge advocate for keeping food real and natural, Saffron Road’s commitment to keeping GMOs out of their products, is very important to me as well as anyone who understands the link between GMOs and unsustainable agriculture.

Saffron Road is committed to the Non-GMO Project


They’re working hard by joining a third-party established Non-GMO verification process, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable farming practices, as the two go hand in hand, and should not be undervalued. They tell me that they’re the only halal company to be certified in five categories and one of a few natural food companies to do so, as well.*  Instead, they see the value in supporting small and local growers who can provide quality products that aren’t harmful to the environment or the consumer—YOU.

Super Bugs Aren’t Welcome at Saffron Road 

We’ve all heard the scare about super bugs. Rumors and factoids abound about whether or not antibiotics are good or bad for us. Last year, the World Health Organization warned that the misuse and overuse of antibiotics has rendered many of them useless. And when animals are constantly treated with them, it affects consumers, too.

Saffron Road brings ethical products to the halal consumer market and beyond

Saffron Road is also addressing the hormones and antibiotics in food issues that worry consumers by taking certain precautions to ensure that the cheese in their products come from cows not treated with rBST, a bovine growth hormone. If you buy hormone-free milk, why buy products that contain them, either?

Knowledge is Healthy

Knowing more about our food is certainly a huge gift in this day and age. It’s not too often that we encounter a company so prolific, transparent and proactive about what they put into their products as Saffron Road is right now. They tell me they’re the only brand in the world, halal or not, to go through the time and expense of having their products certified by many third party certifiers to testify to the unmatched purity of their products.*

Sounds to me like their sustainable business practices affect everyone involved, for the better.  I won’t take this for granted because I care too much about the health of my family and my community to remain uninformed about what’s really on our plates.


After hearing this, how comfortable do you feel purchasing products from a company that isn’t telling you much about how their products reach you?




*Five Third-Party Certifiers Saffron Road Works With

For Certified Humane –HFAC

For Halal—IFANCA

For Gluten Free –GF

For Whole Foods humane certification –GAP

For Non-Gmo , Non-GMO project


{This post was sponsored by Saffron Road Foods}


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  1. You cant imagine how thrilled I am to come by your blog and especially to read this post about organic halal meat.As a muslim holistic nutritionist living in Canada, I always wondered about halal organic meat. Here you can find Kosher meat everywhere and they started their organic version for chicken in some healthfood stores. I ll check whole foods market here in Toronto for saffron road products.
    N.B My website is still under construction. Hope we can share ideas for healthy moslem food in the future.
    Thanks for this informative blog and god bless you

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