One of the best ways I’ve found to make soups and stews richer and easier to make is by adding all sorts of broth: chicken, veal, beef, fish and lamb, in particular.

Broth, or stock, is rich in vitamins and minerals and it’s a staple in the traditional cuisine of most cultures, for those reasons. Because most of the meats found in the grocery store today are void of any bones, we miss out on having those vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, in our diets.

Unless you’re making broth at home, it can also be very hard to come by in a halal product. I think it’s so much healthier to consume, but understand why most people don’t consume it- there simply aren’t enough halal or healthy options out there. 

Many people will be consuming lamb or goat this Eid ul Adha, so I encourage you to make your own stock or broth with your Qurbani, if you can. There may be an even easier option by purchasing the broths from Saffron Road, in particular the Culinary Classic Lamb Broth, as it’s the only lamb broth on the market I’ve ever found and it’s also halal-certified by IFANCA.

Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway we’ll have of Saffron Road products- you may be able to try it for FREE. You can also find out where you can  purchase their products online at this link.  

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