This Indian dessert recipe is brought to us by food blogger Lubna Karim, based in Bangalore, India where she shares her love of family meals and traditions. This recipe is one she makes in particular for ‘Eid ul Adha, which is also known as Bakrid in her part of the world.

Saffron Mousse by Lubna Karim

photo courtesy of Lubna Karim 

By the time street lights start to glow my grandfather’s house is illuminated with festive lights used to decorate the house during Eid celebrations. Guests start to flow in and I can smell the aromatic biryani simmering over the wood and charcoal fire. Welcome drinks are served and long carpets are spread as it is custom in his house to sit on the floor to eat. Batches of food and desserts are served by both the men & women in the family who are also attending to guests’ every need and making sure everything is running smoothly. As night falls, the party comes to an end and people return home with full tummies, showering blessings on our family.

We’re now relaxed and sit down to enjoy the Eid dinner spread together. At dessert time we are eager to try the Saffron Mousse made by my dear bhabhi (wife of my brother) . When asked for the recipe, she graciously obliged, adding tips and instructions on how I could make it, too.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Saffron Mousse

Serves 6


2 cups whipping cream

4 tablespoon finely powdered sugar

1 tablespoon saffron

1 tablespoon warm milk

½ tablespoon fresh ground cardamom powder

Ingredients for the Garnish

Few saffron strands

roasted almonds flakes (optional)


Refrigerate the empty serving bowls for 30 minutes.

Heat up a small pan for two minutes then turn off the flame. Place this saffron strands in the pan for 30 seconds. Remove and slightly crush in mortar and pestle. Transfer to a medium size bowl and add milk. Set aside.

Beat the cream in a chilled bowl with a whisk or electrical mixer just until it forms soft peaks. Add the saffron and milk mixture along with powdered sugar and cardamom powder. Beat for another 20 seconds.

Scoop this mixture into serving bowls or cups and garnish with fresh saffron stands. Serve chilled


You can even fill the mixture in a piping bag and pipe out into serving cups  in swirls.



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