I usually clean out my fridge before going on a big grocery haul, and I usually clean off the jars and lids of items I bring home, but I NEVER thought of some of the tips in these videos by Dr.Jeffrey VanWingen

Some of his top tips are:

  • Wash your produce in warm, soapy water for at least twenty seconds
  • Leave groceries outside for three days, if you can (i.e. garage)
  • Have a designated clean surface for the items you bring in and clean
  • Corona virus can live a lot longer in the freezer so it’s not recommended to freeze items to ward off the virus. 
  • Consider your hands as contaminated after handling groceries; use elbows to open/close doors until you can thoroughly clean your hands.  

Here is an updated video he uploaded after the first one:

What other tips do you have and implement about being methodically clean like this when handling items from outside? 

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