Ruby Red Grapefruit & Blood Orange Juice

One of the ways I try  improve my overall health is by making fresh juice most mornings and sometimes again later in the evenings for a refreshing drink.  Right now (winter season), grapefruits and oranges are at their best so they are absolutely delicious and juicy- and you don’t need a fancy juicer to gain the benefit of this powerhouse type of drink. 

One of my favorite winter fruit combinations is the ruby red grapefruits and blood oranges, which are almost the same color as red grapefruits on the inside but taste relatively the same as other oranges. Don’t be turned off by the name…

This juice recipe is so simple even kids can make it, especially since all that’s really needed is a citrus press and a knife to cut the fruits, which you can do for the kids ahead of time. What a great way to get them to not only help out in the kitchen, but also to get excited about drinking real fruit juice and learning where it all really comes from- certainly not from a can or a box!

Ruby Red Grapefruit & Blood Orange Juice

Serves 1- easily doubles and triples

You’ll need:

  • knife
  • citrus press
  • glass
  • strainer


1 large ruby red grapefruit

1 blood orange

1 teaspoon California raw honey or agave nectar (optional)


  1. Wash and slice each of the fruits in half.
  2. Twist each of the fruit halves in a citrus press.
  3. Place strainer over a glass and pour juice, leaving behind all seeds and pulp.
  4. Add honey or agave nectar, if desired, and stir to combine completely.

*Cook’s Tip: Citrus pulp can be quite messy and sticky once it dries up, making it hard to clean. For best results, either clean the juicer immediately or at the very least soak it in water until you’ve had time to wash it properly. 


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