It’s always exciting to receive exotic gifts from faraway lands I’ll probably never have a chance to visit. I felt that way when one of my friends gifted me a set of beautiful shimmery bangles to wear around my wrist. I’m not a particularly into a lot of glitz and glam, especially since I’m always working in the kitchen even when I have a party, but these bracelets were so so pretty, that I couldn’t wait to wear them. 

The problem was that when I went to put them on, they were too tiny for my big bones. I should have known better, as I never can fit into much in the South Asian stores where the ladies are much more dainty than moi.  But, I just couldn’t part with them and instead decided to repurpose them somewhere else- on my dining table.

napkin rings

Up close they’re even prettier than from afar. They’re not real, of course, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like these at department stores. I think my guests are going to love them during my next dinner party.  

up closeWhat do you think? Would you do this, too? Do you have any other tips you’d like to share about re-purposing things in your home that you otherwise couldn’t use?

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