Recipe Tester Registration Form

Thanks for your interest in becoming a recipe tester for Yvonne’s upcoming Cooking Halal 101 cookbook.

Please read through the requirements below and if you feel you are still able to commit to being an official recipe tester then proceed to fill in the form for consideration.

You must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Agree to test a recipe(s) we send to you on a completely voluntary basis.
  • Use a gas or electric oven to test the recipes.
  • Test the recipes in a climate that does not have extreme temperature fluctuations (i.e. high altitudes or intense heat without temperature control).
  • Have some familiarity in either cooking or baking or both. We are not concerned with whether or not you are a seasoned cook, you only need to be interested in creating new recipes.

Once you complete the registration form below, we will take a look at your criteria and qualifications to test the recipes.

Once reviewed, if you are selected you will receive a separate email with an assigned recipe to test and a link to a 10- question survey that must be completed immediately after testing.

A recipe will be assigned to each tester at random and can range in level of difficulty. If you receive a recipe that you are unable to complete, please let us know immediately.

All recipe testers will have the option to be acknowledged by name in the final cookbook.

Thank you so much for your interest and help in this project! 

  • Please specify any allergies to foods that you are unable to cook.
  • Street address is not required.