Press Release: My Halal Kitchen Cooking Demo at Halal Healthy Booth, ISNA Convention, Rosemont, IL



Press Release

Contact: Naazish YarKhan

Naazishyarkhan@gmail.com, (630) 545-2013


Subhead: Foodies To Learn from MyHalalKitchen.com Chef – Sat. 3rd July & Sun. 4th July : 7:00 pm

Chicago, 6/20/2010: She was born to a Sicilian father and Puerto Rican mother, both Roman Catholic. Her ethnic heritage also meant growing up to enjoy culinary feasts for the senses and the soul – authentically delicious Sicilian style pizzas, lasagna, meatballs, Puerto Rican rice and beans, chicken, meat pies and custard desserts – just to name a few.

What becomes of those appetites and indulgences when one embraces Islam, which means also adopting its halal guidelines with regard to food which has no room for pork, pork-based products, alcohol and foods with alcohol as an ingredient?

Yvonne Maffei, Chef and Editor of www.myhalalkitchen.com, who embraced Islam and its halal dietary laws which include avoiding meats that aren’t slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines, has turned a personal quest for the answers into MyHalalKitchen.com.

“Eating things like chicken, lamb and beef at most restaurants was a challenge,” says Ms. Maffei. “I finally decided that I should learn how to make our favorite dishes, even the complicated ones. Although I cooked well, I hadn’t studied the techniques necessary to make a halal roast duck or halal homemade yogurt, for example. Once I did, I was able to make really delicious food normally found only at restaurants.” She shares her masterpieces at www.MyHalalKitchen.com and has over 3,500 readers at www.facebook.com/myhalalkitchen.

On Sat 3rd July & Sun 4th July, 7:00 pm, @ Halal Healthy Booth # 1900, Ms. Maffei will be making the most delicious halal appetizers at the ISNA Bazaar in Chicago, Rosemont Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018.

Entry to the bazaar is free. “Attendees will discover how to create a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, switch non halal ingredients for halal ones and replace unhealthy ingredients,” says Ms. Maffei. “I’ll be demonstrating recipes for appetizers that include mangoes, shrimp stuffing, orange-lime Asian sauce, sautéed mushrooms and more,” she said. All
food enthusiasts are welcome !

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