Pickling Dill | My Halal Kitchen Pantry
Pickling Dill | My Halal Kitchen Pantry

When it’s pickling season you’ll see this in many grocery stores and farmers markets. It’s meant to add to vegetables, typically after you’ve boiled the produce with vinegar and sugar and any other spices during the canning process. Just wash, dry and add a small amount of dill to each jar before sealing tight.

pickling dill

Have you ever tried this type of pickling dill? Do you like it?


  1. Hi,
    I pickle quite a bit and usually can’t grow that kind of dill weed here in the south. I have to count on dill that does not have the flower heads ,only the fronds. We have many multi-ethinc grocery stores here on the NE side of Atlanta.

    I have resaerched using dill with the heads. It is considered a better ingresient because the seeds add a stronger flavour.
    When we visited the west coast I was in awe of all the huge dill growing wild. And here was I without a thing to pickle;)

  2. @Yvonne,
    Perhaps but we have the wrong climate here. California has that mediterranian climate and it just thrives there. I use fresh dill weed from the local international market for my pickling. In fact , i am just getting ready to put up several jars of sweet okra pickles. Thanks!


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