Are you looking for a way to preserve your family’s favorite recipes? Do you want to keep a record of the plants in your garden?
I’ve got the perfect heirloom journals for you.

Cooking and gardening are two of my favorite things to do, and I noticed that many of you have the same passion and interests, so I created these two journals- one to document your favorite recipes, and the other to document what’s growing in your garden.

My Journals

“I hope all of you cooking and plant lovers will enjoy such a keepsake that you can look back on over the years to remember the experiences you’ve had at home and the memories you’ve made with your family.”

- Yvonne Maffei


  • Jotting down all the delicious recipes your family loved during Ramadan or other special occasions so you can make them again the following year.
  • Being an aspiring cook who loves to tweak recipes and experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen.
  • Creating your own plant oasis on your balcony or in your yard at home and documenting their individual watering and fertilizing needs so that you remember how to keep them healthy (and how someone else can take care of them when you’re on vacation).
All of these are possible if you have a COOKING JOURNAL and a GARDENING JOURNAL that can be filled with your best personal recipes and secrets for creating the garden of your dreams. You can then pass these special books onto your children and grandchildren.
Cooking Journal

My Cooking Journal

This cooking journal can be your family keepsake, as it gives space to not only preserve your favorite recipes, but also to track all of the tweaks and edits to recipes that your family loves. It allows space for notes on specific ingredients that worked well (or didn’t) and any special added touches you’ve made and don’t want to forget. It’s an heirloom journal that can be passed down through the generations and gifted to that special someone in your life who wants to begin their home cooking journey or, once full, it can be cherished as a family keepsake.

My Gardening Journal

This personal gardening journal is the perfect keepsake to document the type of plants you bring into your life and all of the qualities that help them grow as well as how they can best be maintained (i.e. watering and sunlight preferences, location, where they were purchased or seeded and so much more). It’s a great gift for your favorite gardener, too, and can be passed down to the next generation of gardeners who can learn about the types of flowers and plants that were carefully curated and cared for over the years in someone’s life.

Gardening Journal

Take a peek inside...

“My Cooking Journal is a journal for every cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen and save tweaks and edits to recipes and other notes about what a favorite meal entails. I think it makes a great gift for the cook in your life and once filled up, it can serve as a family heirloom to be passed along from one generation to the next, if you like. I hope you and your loved ones will enjoy it, too!”

- Yvonne Maffei

Yvonne Maffei

I’m Yvonne Maffei, Food Writer & Recipe Developer involved in Culinary Tourism and the Halal Mediterranean 🍋 Cuisine & Lifestyle and I love to study the cultural aspects at the intersection of food and travel. I also love to share what I know about healthy food, all-natural ways of living, growing food, and my real passion is traveling to places where I can explore these fascinating topics.

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