I’m not only amazed by the fact that my cactus is growing and thriving here in the Midwest, but now it’s flowering! This is just too beautiful to keep to myself. I wish everyone the same joy in caring for plants that mine bring to me. I’m grateful to friends and family like my mother-in-law who was thoughtful enough to send this to us from her home in Arizona. I was planning to cut it up and cook it when I first got it, not even giving it a chance to grow.

Now, the entire plant is growing extra cactus paddles which I can cut off and plant in separate pots. The fruit part is flowering now, so I’m just enjoying it. There’s a yellow flower today and looks like a couple of pink ones want to bud soon, insha’allah, they will.

Check out more of what I’m growing in My (Edible) Balcony Garden.

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