Lukhmi: Minced Meat Savory Samosa, Hyderbadi Style

This Ramadan recipe comes to us from Lubna Karim, the India-based and very talented food blogger and photographer of  Kitchen Flavours. Make them for Eid, too, or simply any time of year…


After many years I am at mom’s place during Ramadan, so the celebration is doubled. My mom loves to make so many different Iftar recipes and we love devouring them. So, when Yvonne asked me to do a guest poston the occasion of Ramadan, I asked her if there was anything in particular she is looking for.  She said some sort of Indian Samosas, so I told her about ‘Lukhmi’, which she wasn’t too familiar with but wanted  to know more about how to make them.


My mom made it a point to make Lukhmi twice a week this Ramadan, so I tried to capture her every moment in making them to share with you.

Lukhmi is a typical odd-shaped samosa, mostly served as a starter in typical Hyderabadi weddings. The filling is made with minced lamb meat and other minimal ingredients. The outside is made by combining all purpose flour, whole wheat flour and semolina. The filling has everything that Indian taste buds crave- simple, spicy, tangy. The outside is crisp, soft and chewy. We relished these hot lukhmi with sliced onions, tomatoes and lemon wedges along with dates and refreshing sharbat-e-roohafza.

Here’s the recipe.


Filling Ingredients

1/2 pound (1/4 kilo) qeema/kheema/minced Lamb meat

1 onion, finely sliced

½ tablespoon ginger-garlic paste

1 tablespoon red chili powder

¼ tablespoon turmeric powder

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 green chili, finely chopped


2 tablespoons  coriander leaves, finely chopped


Lukhmi Ingredients

1 cup all-purpose flour/maida + ½ cup for dusting

1 tablespoons whole wheat flour

3 tablespoons fine semolina


1 tablespoon vegetable Oil





Cooking the Kheema

Mix khema with ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt. Leave for ½ hour covering with cling.

Heat oil in a heavy bottom cooking vessel and fry onions till translucent. Now add the above marinated khema and fry for 3-4 minutes on medium flame.

Now add chopped green chili and cook covered until khema is completely cooked. Remove from flame and add chopped coriander leaves. Set aside.

Add lemon juice just to this mixture just before you start filling.

Cooking the Lukhmi

In a mixing bowl, add maida, whole wheat flour, semolina, salt and oil. Combine slowly by adding water. Knead until you get a soft ball.

Cover with cling and leave for 30 minutes. Knead for another 2-3 times until you get very soft dough.

Pinch a lemon size ball from the dough and roll into thin circle by dusting with flour.

Now using sharp kitchen knife make 2-3 cuts (as shown in the picture above) and start to add filling. Grease the corner of the lukhmi by wetting your fore finger.  Press the edges of the lukhmi with your fingers to ensure it is tightly sealed.

Bring the ends together (as shown in the picture above). This gives you a nice triangle. You can alternatively cut the lukhmi into squares too.

Heat enough oil for deep frying in a heavy bottom cooking vessel and slowly drop down the lukhmi’s one after the other.

Fry till golden brown on both the sides and take out on wire mesh strainer. Serve hot.


Alternatively you can even crimp the edges of lukhmi with fork.

You can even knead the dough with lukewarm milk.

You can even make the minced meat filling ahead and store in the freezer in a zip lock bag. Just thaw it before you start to make lukhmi.


Thank you Yvonne for having me as your guest today…..

May the Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth and brighten your life forever. Have a blessed Ramadan.


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