List of Giveaway Winners

Here you can find the names of My Halal Kitchen giveaway winners with the oldest giveaway listed on July 27, 2012.

Eid Creations Sampler Party Supply Pack: October 16, 2012-

Guide to Eating Local– August 28, 2012- Sonia S.

Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook: August 21, 2012- Maya S.

Herbivoracious Cookbook: August 20, 2012- Gail P.

Saffron Road $50 Whole Foods Gift Card:  August 19, 2012- Lisa K.

Patchi Amber Vase and 1/2 pound of chocolate: August 18, 2012- Deborah S.

Taaza2u.com BBQ Box: August 17, 2012- Ayanna H.

Saadia Organics Cosmetic Argan Oil: August 16, 2012- Mona H.

Patchi In Celebration Gold Box: August 15, 2012- Hafsa C.

Crescent Foods 10-Person Coupon Giveaway: August 14, 2012- 1) Amina M.;  2) Sharifah,;  3) Mariyam S.;  4) Khadijah;  5) Reema; 6) Katherine; 7) April; 8) Zakiya;  9) Michelle H.; 10) Shahina

Chocolat Uzma Chocolate Class for Two: August 13, 2012- Derya S.

Mina Harissa Jar and Tagine Giveaway: August 12, 2012- Cynthia H.

Patchi Tassali Ramadan Variety Gift Box: August 11- Sahar S.

Up A Notch Personalized Candy Wrappers: August 11, 2012- Amane H.

Cabot Cheese (Halal) Variety Pack: August 10, 2012- Beena H.

Calphalon 7-Quart Slow Cooker: August 9, 2012- Aisha A.

Free Download of Ramadan Recipes App for iPhone (Facebook giveaway): August 8, 2012-  Umm Tawbah.

Marrakesh by Design book– August 7, 2012. Hina U.

KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer– August 5, 2012. Malerie C.

Patchi Chocolate and Nougat Gift Box– August 1, 2012. Maryam R.

Saffron Road Gift Basket – July 27, 2012.  Sarah S.

Saffron Road- Free Coupons(3 winners)- July 23, 2012. Annie F.r, Monica B., Thahirabeevi P.




  1. Yes, I like Moroccan design because it has an orderly fashion with splashes of color to make it festive & not fussy. If I was to redecorate my home I would choose my favorite holiday spot / design styles and then choose the room in my home that would best fit that style. Entertaining in all the rooms of your home would be exciting and an adventure for guests with travel stories to share in each room.

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