Is There a Link Between Sugar & Disease?

I found a pretty remarkable video online that I think really articulates a lot of what I’ve been wanting to share for a very long time, all compiled into a 45-minute piece of staggering information about the connection between sugar with consumer wellness and how industry associations and food manufacturers place it in food products in quantities that are pretty surprising to most consumers.

The Secrets of Sugar is a powerful documentary that discusses the sugar industry, research based on sugar consumption and what consumers are up against when eating the typical diet of processed foods where additional sugar is pretty hidden. They discuss a possible connection between high sugar consumption to fatty liver, diabetes, cancer and even possibly Alzheimer’s. 

I’d love to read your comments about this documentary at the end of this post.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor for further information on this and other wellness topics.

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  1. Awesome info wish had know this 30 years ago and kept cooking with fresh foods not boxed or canned. I probably wouldn’t have diabetes II today. Thank you for this great info. I agree wholeheartedly. Money before health is the mindset of those in the DOUGH and yes that is a punn. 🙂

  2. JazakaAllah khairyn for sharing this!
    I shared it on my facebook page to raise awareness.
    Keep up with the good work


  3. Very Informative, helps keep a person aware of what we need to be conscious of in our lives and what to eliminate to live a disease free life, Jazakallahkhair for sharing <3

  4. Asslam w alikum w rahmatullhi W barkathu

    Its really informative and something that we should act on.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan for sharing this.

  5. For the past few years and for personal health reasons I’ve been reading and doing my on research on this. It’s pretty astounding and turns a lot of common health knowledge (eat fat = get fat/heart disease etc.) completely on its head. I think there’s a lot more awareness recently on this problem, but unfortunately it’s still quite skewed toward processed sugar rather than carb content as a whole, but the fact is that sugar is sugar whether it’s table sugar or from fruit, the only difference being how much fiber comes along with it to slow the release of insulin.

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