Lemon Tiramisu

A while ago I posted images of this recipe for Lemon Tiramisu, a twist on my Classic Tiramisu recipe, over on my Instagram account when I was preparing it for my monthly cooking classes at the UMMA Center.

Lemon Tiramisu

I don’t have step by step process photos of this one, but if you follow those for the Classic Tiramisu, they’re almost identical aside from the lemon zest and lemon sugar pearls in this one.

Ingredients for Lemon Tiramisu

I hope you’ll try it and enjoy it as much as we did!

Other than the Classic Tiramisu, this Lemon Tiramisu (also in the My Halal Kitchen cookbook) and the Strawberry Tiramisu you can find in my Summer Ramadan Cooking cookbook, what other kinds of twists on tiramisu would you like to see from me?

Lemon Tiramisu

Serves 6-8

A fun and zesty twist on my Classic Tiramisu Recipe, this one incorporates fresh lemon zest and edible yellow sugar pearls you can find at most craft stores or bakery shops. You will need one square glass baking dish for this recipe. I like to use glass because you can see through to the delicious layers of the dessert, plus it chills nicely in the refrigerator when you use glass.



Make coffee and set it aside in a large bowl to cool.

Mix mascarpone, milk, crème frâiche, and zest of one lemon. Add powdered sugar and mix well. It should be the consistency of pourable cream; add more milk, if needed (1/2 teaspoon at a time).

Line the bottom of a square glass dish with the mascarpone-milk mixture.

Soak each lady finger cookie one by one in the coffee for about 6-10 seconds, or until the cookie has absorbed enough coffee but it’s still firm enough to set flat in the glass pan.

Line the pan with one row of soaked cookies. Next, add the mascarpone mixture and smooth over with a spatula. Repeat this one more time, or until all of the cream and cookies have been used.

Be sure the last layer has a spread of mascarone cream on top. Dust the top layer of the dish with the chocolate shavings, the zest of the second lemon and the yellow sugar pearls.

Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour before serving, or overnight, giving it time to set.

Cut and serve chilled either on small plates or in small dessert cups

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