Gorgeous lamb steaks are all I need to get my mind racing about the multitude of ways I can serve them up, but they do seem rare to find, perhaps because they’re not often requested by customers.  All you have to do is ask your butcher ahead of time and it shouldn’t be a problem for him to cut and save them for you once he gets a shipment of a whole animal or puts in a purchase order from his vendor or farmer.  Once you get them home, they can be roasted in the oven or lightly pan sautéed for an incredibly quick and easy weeknight meal, or made it a little more special on the weekend by adding an elegant soup, salad and side of oven-roasted potatoes. When choosing this or any type of red meat, the flesh should be bright and free of any smell- the signs of freshness. Ask your butcher for his best, most fresh cuts available. 

Lamb Steaks | My Halal Kitchen Pantry | Yvonne Maffei


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