There is nothing more frustrating about cooking {to me} than waste! I buy fresh products with really good intentions to use them all up in a timely manner, but sometimes life just gets in the way and I don’t end up using things as quickly as I had hoped. Better planning  is always important, but better managing of those products can also help them stay fresher longer, too.

That said, here’s one way I’ve learned to keep my fresh herbs fresher for longer, without resorting to buying one single extra gadget I don’t need or want in my kitchen. Place the bunch (keep it tied) in a glass of water and place it directly in the fridge, which keeps them upright and fresh for several days longer than simply keeping them in a bag, which also makes them get all mushy unless you dry and line them with a paper towel.

Keep Herbs Like Flowers in the Fridge

That’s it! And, because they look like a fresh bouquet of ‘flowers’, they make your fridge’s interior sort of decorated- but don’t let that delay you from actually using them!



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