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In the Kitchen with Noor Kids | My Halal Kitchen

Have you ever thought about what you would look like if someone attempted to sketch you and then color you inside all of the lines so that you would basically become a cartoon character?

The cover of Noor Kids Go to Hajj, published in October 2011. I just love the casbah design in the background and the absolutely lovable cast of characters who teach kids manners, etiquette and the how-tos of being good little Muslims

Me, neither.

I never imagined anyone would ever want to do that to me (well, maybe some of my students back when I was a school teacher- I gave lots of homework)…

But Noor Kids, publishers of wonderful new children’s books, did just that. They sketched my Twitter photo and then colored me in to make me appear in their Hajj edition book called, Noor Kids Go To Hajj.  It all started like this:

You can find me at the end with the cute bunny character cooking up a recipe for kids while giving a few reminders about to how thank Allah for the food we have.

Noor Kids is the brainchild of Mohammed Aaser, a student at Harvard Business School, who created the concept as a class project. His brother Amin joined the project and the duo has since published three of these adorable books for the tiniest of Muslim readers, the first of which came out at end of summer in 2011 and was called, School’s Out for Summer

Noor Kids characters are colorful, adorable and attractively teaching kids about how to practice faith in a fun and interactive way, including short educational games and word puzzles in each book. I feel so blessed to have been part of such an important project. Thank you, Noor Kids, for an invitation to cook with your cast of characters!

Please show your support by heading online to grab a copy of each book for all of the kids you love…

(you can also view a FREE sample here)

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