How to Propagate Rosemary Plants

If you’ve ever taken one whiff of a fresh rosemary leaf, you won’t have forgotten the purely ephemeral aroma, the seemingly medicinal aroma that lasts longer in the air than most other herbs. That’s why it’s my absolute favorite fresh herb to have around, although it’s not always been easy for me to grow so I’ve had to learn over the years how to grow it indoors while I was in the Midwest. In the Mediterranean climates, of course it grows wild and huge and can withstand colder Med temperatures, but not freezing ones. You can recreate similar environments indoors, anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is clip cuttings from any rosemary plant or bush. Rosemary can get woody, so be sure to only cut stems from fresh, green ones. Once you’ve done that, take all of the bottom leaves from the stem and place each one in a separate small vase of water or several into a larger one. If your room is on the colder side, place a plastic bag on top to give it a bit of a greenhouse effect. Wait for some roots to grow (be patient, it could take a few weeks), and be sure to refresh the water every few days.

A lush and green rosemary plant is the kind to take cuttings from for healthy and successful propagation.

Once the stems have rooted, you can plant each one into their own pot with organic potting soil or compost with a little perlite for aeration. Soon you’ll have your very own rosemary plants, for free!

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