Black Beans Without the Lard

This is just one of the ways I make them. You can start from this recipe and shake things up with your own favorite additions. Let me know what you do with your frijoles negroes, without the lard.




Cookbook Review & Giveaway of FEAST: Food of the Islamic World

If there's one cookbook you'll want to get this year, it's this one. FEAST: Food of the Islamic World by Anissa Helou is a...

Book Suggestion | Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

I read a lot of books over the course of year, some of which are skimmed throughly and some of which I hang on...

Sprinjene Kids Toothpaste Giveaway

Sprinjene is giving away one of each of their three kids toothpastes, all of which are certified-halal and free of any gluten or animal...




Skillet Chicken Parmesan

What is it with me and Italian food lately? It's all I crave, mostly because it's comfort food tome. I've thought about it and...
How to Poach Eggs and Other Foods | My Halal Kitchen

How to Poach Eggs and Other Foods

If you’re trying to avoid foods cooked in oil and want something a bit different from steamed foods, poaching is a great option, especially...
Penne Pasta with Swiss Chard and Beet Leaves | My Halal Kitchen

Pink Pasta: Penne with Swiss Chard and Beet Leaves

I didn't intentionally set out to make pink pasta; it just happened as a result of my love affair with seasonal produce like swiss...


Eco-Friendly Gardening: Growing Seedlings in Eggshells

I decided to go very green while balcony gardening this year. I didn't want to invest in more clay or even plastic pots because I know I have some around here in storage and I don't need any more. Besides, I'd read somewhere that you can actually grow seedlings in eggshells. Could it work?

Violet Rice Pudding

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Homemade Fish Sticks

How to Saute Mushrooms