No need for added ingredients here- the tomato itself contains all you need to help remove blemishes, take care of acne problems and exfoliate the skin.

cut_tomatoes_stockfoodTomato Troubleshooter


1 whole red tomato, ripe & juicy


Grind tomato in a blender or food processor. Apply to face & leave on for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


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  1. MashaAllah I'm loving the skincare recipes! This one is fantastic! I have a lot of trouble with my skin (thanks to PCOS) and a good, gentle, natural scrub does wonders! I'm going to try this inshaAllah! Is it ok to cut it small and mash it with a fork and use it that way? Using the blender is not an easy task with a very noise sensitive child around ;)
  2. Aasalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Jazak Allah Khair for the tip! I don't know if I can resist not eating the tomato, that's my fav!!!! LOL
  3. Salaams! A relative in Amman told me that she knew a lady with the most beautiful skin. Her secret was that she'd splash a little of whatever fruit or vegetable she was using on her face! The thought of seeing it makes me laugh, but it seems to work!
  4. @Emma- of course, yes a fork or potato masher, whatever you can do to break down the tomato, enough to be able to put it on your face.
  5. @Sue- I have a friend from the Middle East whose mother also does the same thing. I think it's true about it helping the skin look fresh and stay young. Perhaps it does slow down the aging proces- I've seen living proof!

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