Decorating the Home for Ramadan and Eid


Saima Nasim runs the beautiful design blog, Azzure. Have you seen it? It caught my attention because of her gorgeous photos and smart suggestions for interior design and simple home crafts.  In this post Saima offers her tips for home interior design during our favorite time of year…

Ramadan and ‘Eid are such significant times for us. It is a renewal of our eeman (faith) and closeness to our Creator. This time should be celebrated both inwardly and outwardly.

I’ve always enjoyed decorating my home for both occasions, especially since I’ve had children. In this post, I share a few design elements you can bring into your home to make your space stand out during this blessed month.

Fresh Flowers

Get creative by displaying colorful blooms throughout your home. This year Ramadan and Eid fall in the summer, making fresh flowers easily accessible to everyone.


Poms are a quick and easy way to liven up a space. Mix complimentary colors or keep it monochromatic. A variety of tissue paper colors can go with any home interior color scheme.


Adding sparkle to a space gives it an instant sense of celebration. I use non-traditional colored holiday décor to add sparkle to my home during the month.

Add extra lighting to your home during this month. Even the soft glow of candles can add accent lighting to your décor.


I love adding lanterns to my home designs, so it’s only natural to use them in my Ramadan and Eid décor, as well. Lanterns come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Add them to your table top for a unique centerpiece. Large lanterns look great placed on the floor.

Garland and Signs

As seen in the first photo of this post, I used plain white letters and added some color with the backdrop and accents. To add to it, you can make your own garland in the colors and shapes of your choice.

Bringing it all together

Remember to plan out your design ahead of time, so that the end result has a cohesive look.

What special ways do you decorate your home for Ramadan and Eid?

Saima Nasim is a blogger, owner and interior design consultant at Saima Nasim Design. She loves incorporating a mixture of both transitional and cultural design into her spaces. Read more at azzuredesign.blogspot.com or contact her at saimanasimdesign [at] gmail [dot] com for more information on her online design consulting services. 









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