I recently received this series of questions from a reader who wrote in to ask how to make her mechoui (roasted lamb) dish turn out great. She was making it for an Iftar and was really interested in getting the advice pronto. Here’s how it went down- take a look at the results she shared! 
​Reader Question:
“Salaam, I want to slow roast half a lamb (meshoui recipe) but as I have a normal size oven it won’t fit! I’m planning to try it in a big pot on the stove.. Do u have any tips that can help me? It’s for Iftar on Saturday! Jazakallah​”
Yvonne’s response:
I have an oversize pot I use for dishes like this and I’ve found it at Mexican stores, believe it or not. They are usually in the housewares section and look more round than tall, it’s called a ‘cazuela’ and they’re super useful for situations like these. Also, another thing I do is use a really large crock pot which is perfect for a half a lamb. For this you would need a 22-quart one, I think. This is the one I have and I use all the time for this sort of meal.  I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions and good luck with your mechoui!​

 Reader Question in Response: 

“I’m afraid I need to pick your brains further! I’ve managed to get a large pot. My question was more about method of cooking. I don’t want it to be a stew so I don’t want to add lots of water,  but at the same time, I don’t want the base to burn before it’s super tender! And I want it to have some colour! Am I asking for too much?”
Yvonne’s response:
Lol, no…not at all. This is a question being asked by someone who wants a gourmet meal!  So, to answer your question, the meat should get searing hot first. This is what I do with rump roasts, for example, but it can be done with any big piece of meat:  
Sear the whole leg in oil (add onions, spices, etc.), then once it’s browned all over, add some liquid- broth would be best because it’s rich in flavor. Bring to a boil, then cover the pot and let it cook on low for a very long time. This will hydrate the meat, won’t let it burn and you can control the amount of liquid by only adding it when necessary.
Does that help? 
Reader Response:  
Ah excellent! Jazakallah khair. Wish me luck! If inshallah it turns out well I’ll send u a pic!! 
(Here’s what she sent a couple of days later)
Salaams Yvonne.. 
Wow, what a huge success my lamb was! Thank you so much for your help.. I wanted to share the photo with you: 
MHK Reader's Mechoui Lamb


Well, I have to say that I am so proud of you, sister! It looks amazing- I’ll be over for your next Iftar, okay?

What other tips would you have to offer this reader on making the perfect roasted lamb dish?


  1. Salam,please. Let me kknow the complete recipe I also want to try this looks really tasty……….jazakhallah khair


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