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With kids back to school and everyone seeming to be on more of a straightforward schedule, it also seems to make mealtime more structured, though perhaps there’s less time to get full meals on the table in between homework and sports schedules. I don’t have kids, but juggle a hectic work schedule and I’m the only one cooking {most of the time}.

savories up close

Sometimes in the middle of the day or even just before dinner, I like to have something to nibble on while I can still cook a quick and healthy meal without being completely rushed for time. I’m picky about snacks, though. I like them to be healthy, but no processed and although I know that fruits are great, I actually prefer them after dinner, sort of as dessert (pulling back into my Sicilian roots and way of eating).  

samosas with paneer

Chips and salsa are good as appetizers but sometimes just a little too heavy for a mid-morning or even a pre-dinner snack. Instead, lately I’ve been making a lot of cheese and olive plates as well as homemade jams and preserves that I have with Saffron Road’s new appetizers instead of plain bread.

savory with double cream feta

Here are some of my new ideas for enjoying all natural savory or sweet appetizers that Saffron Road makes, which can be paired with a whole lot of other healthy sides. The appetizers don’t actually need anything along with them- they’re crunching and satisfying on their own, but for variety it’s actually nice to have something else on the plate to go along with them. I think these are also great ways to entertain, whether for brunch, lunch or dinner. Let me show you…

double cream feta

Pair the Vegetable Samosas or Saag Paneer Samosas with double-cream feta (or regular fresh feta) that is sprinkled with salt and black pepper, drizzled with olive oil and decorated with freshly chopped parsley and serve assorted olives on the side. {This is my favorite combo}

savories with paneer

Ever tried fresh Paneer? It’s a lovely Indian-style cheese with a vegetarian rennet base. I found mine at a local international supermarket, but I have also seen it on the list of a variety of CSA lists, too, as some folks are making a business out of making paneer. It’s light and fresh and textured enough that it’s often used in actual cooking, but I also enjoy it fresh as a side to these appetizers. Even some sort of chutney would be great, too…

paneer on plate

I love, love, love cilantro-yogurt dip. Freeze fresh cilantro and you’ll be able to make this dip outside of summer or whenever you crave it.

cilantro on savories

Saffron Road also makes sweet appetizers, though they’re just the right sweetness in my opinion. Since they’re all natural and made with interesting and exciting ingredients like tamarind, dates, walnuts and figs, anything to accompany them should also be equally natural.

up close of date and tamarind apps

I love the sweet appetizers with my homemade fig jam which is so simple and quick to make that it can be made and served for unexpected brunch guests in no time. They’re absolutely delicious this way. If you don’t want to make homemade, just grab a jar of all natural preserves from a local farmers market or grocery store.


What’s your favorite way to snack in healthy?


*Disclaimer- I received complimentary samples of Saffron Road food products, however, the opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. They all look yummy!! I usually make these kind of pastries at home. They are life saver when packing lunch in a hurry. I pack 3 lunches everyday;))

  2. Hi C –
    To answer your question, we expect Saffron Road to be in Whole Foods Canada before the end of the year.
    Hope this helps!
    Kate @Saffron Road Foods

  3. Oh I haven’t seen the sweet appetizers before- they sound delicious! Samosas, cheese, and olives looks like the perfect healthy afternoon snack.

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