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Shopping at Costco is both exciting and overwhelming. I always worry that I’ll miss something and equally worry that I’ll buy something in my excitement for the variety and quantity that is not actually halal. 

With regards to one product, my worry was replaced with delight when I was studying the cheese aisle. Which flavor should I choose for the meals I plan to create this week? Should I experiment with European varieties or stick to the American varieties I already know? Should I buy slices, blocks or cubes?

I stumbled upon a Vermont brand I’m familiar with from shopping at Trader Joe’s- it was the Cabot brand of Vermont. When I turned it over to search for the ingredients, I discovered a Halal certification symbol right next to the Kosher certification symbol. I had to blink to make sure I wasn’t just seeing what I wanted to see. Sure enough, it was real, but on only this type of cheese made by Cabot, not the other varieties at this particular Costco (Mt. Prospect, IL).  

Here are the details of the cheese:

Sharp Classic Vermont Cheddar Cheese made by Cabot out of Vermont. Net wt. 2 LB. Ingredients: Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes. Manufactured by Cabot Creamery, Cabot, VT 05647.  They even have a Cabot cheese blog!  It appears you cannot buy their products online, but the website does have a store locator and a host of recipes and other information about cheese that is quite thoghtful of its consumers. No wonder, it’s dairy-farmer owned, since 1919.

Find a Costco warehouse nearest you.

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  1. Hi and thanks so much for the nice write-up! We are very proud to offer Halal-certified cheese. :) I wanted to let you know that we do indeed have an online store. It definitely comes in handy for those who don't live near stores where they can get Cabot cheese. The online catalog can be found here: Thanks again, Jen
  2. Cabot finally came to our costco here in Houston , Tx. I was so sad they didn't have it at this location. I mean we were so spoiled back in Chicago and philly. I think it is a win win on both sides. Cabot has a larger customer volume and we can enjoy cheddar cheese without a worry. Thank you so much for posting this info. I think there is a lot of muslims still don't know about cabot. By the way cabot should honor your advertisement ( at least send you some free cheese :)))))) ) .

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