Getting Your Home the Halal Way

Have you dreamt up what your perfect home would look like? 

And your dream kitchen where you would enjoy cooking up a storm for your family? 

How about a lush garden?

And a place to eat outside in the summertime?

And of course, a place for your children to play safely within your vision?  

Lastly, you can’t forget a place to cozy up indoors at the end of the day…

Most of us have done the dreaming at one point or another in our lives, and more often than not it’s the financial part of the dream that crushes our hopes- not always because there isn’t money saved up for a nice down payment, but because many fear the affordability of our dreams without getting into the interest paid in exchange for sheltering our families in a safe, cozy, beautiful space.

Is home ownership right for everyone? Of course not. We all have different life goals, lifestyles, timelines, family situations, financial responsibilities and the like. But more often than not, especially in these uncertain times, people want some semblance of stability and security in their lives and for their children – and a home (not just a house)- does serve that purpose.

I went through all of these same thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears for years, living in tiny apartments even though my dream of having a home with an enormous organic garden and a fully-functioning kitchen with a dreamy walk-in pantry was never far from my mind. There just wasn’t the money to pay for it in full, but there was enough to put down a deposit, however at the time very few banks recognized Islamic banking or ‘halal finance’ as a viable option.

But all these years later, so much has changed in the recognition of halal- halal food, halal fashion, halal finance- all of which make up what is known as the Islamic Economy. With 1.2 billion Muslims around the globe who have to eat, dress and shelter themselves, these three very important areas were bound to explode in demand and sure enough, they have. I’ve seen things change dramatically, in a very positive and powerful way in the past 10-11 years I’ve been in the halal industry and it’s comforting to know that the vision for a future in which Halal would be recognized, respected and promoted as part of a lifestyle, is finally coming to fruition. It’s an incredibly exciting and empowering development for Muslims, but I would also say for just anyone who takes an interest in transparent, ethical and value-based, socially-driven paradigms for business.

That’s why I’m collaborating with UIF Corp. – the #1 rated Islamic Financing Company in the country.  I am hoping my readers can learn from UIF professionals and the educational tools UIF has created over the years.  As they say, an educated customer gets the best deal when it comes to home financing. UIF operates in 23 US States and has been in business for over 15 years.  Their home financing program is based on an “Installment Sale” process and has been approved by reputable scholars and various Sharia Boards. Equally important from what I hear their pricing is very competitive and service second to none based on the Google reviews and recommendations of past customers.  I would love to see our community accomplish their personal dreams of home ownership. If you want to learn more about UIF please visit their website:  www.myUIF.com

Watch some of their informative videos on YouTube like the ones in which Olympian athlete, Ibtihaj Muhammed learns about Islamic home financing.

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