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Yesterday I aired a segment on my blog talk radio program called Organic Edible Gardening, where I gave 30 minutes of tips on what you need to think about and know in order to prepare, plant and maintain your own edible garden space, big or small.

As promised during the program, I’m providing a list of resources for you below.  The categories are broken up into Seeds & Plants, Soil Care & Education, Gardening Advice, and Food Education & Information.

Enjoy! If you have any more questions related to the program, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


Seeds & Plants

Seed Savers Exchange—heirloom varieties

Cook’s Garden– lots of seeds and small plants for edible gardening.

Nichols Garden Nursery– herbs, seeds and goods for the gardener cook.

Thompson & Morgan– seed catalog.

White Flower Farm– Teeny Tiny Tomatoes are perfect for those with small spaces and great for container gardens.  They also have large tomato plants for the patio.
Soil Care & Education

Check your local Extension office (nearest university) for soil testing kits.

Your local park district will help you reserve a community garden plot.

Dr. Earth organic vegetable fertilizers and other organic soil feeders.

Dirt: the Movie

Organimix compost

Urban Worm Girl– clean, nice-looking containers for placing your kitchen scraps and keeping compost-generating worms

Gardening Advice

Visit local botanic gardens to help you get an idea of what grows in your area, when to plant it and how to best care for those plants. Botanic gardens usually have great libraries to help you get information to read up on these sorts of things, as well as help you identify unknown plants in your yard or area.

Cold Climate Gardening – blog for gardeners planting in cold climates.

Life on the Balcony – blog for gardeners with small spaces, such as apartment balconies

Food Education & Information

Concerned about your children’s lunches?  Watch Two Angry Moms.

Read my article about Edible Gardens in Muslim Schools

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