Dates with Cucumbers & Creme Fraiche

My dear friend and sister Zainab Ismail is this powerhouse teacher of sunnah and Prophetic foods (the foods that the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, used to eat). She always posts really beautiful photos of sunnah foods on her Fit for Allah Facebook and Instagram pages and recently posted a photo of dates with cucumbers because this combination is a sunnah.

It’s also interesting because the reason for combining the two is a way to gain weight. Well, who really wants to gain weight? I wouldn’t think so, but in terms of calories, fasting in Ramadan would actually be a great time to gain highly nutritious calories. This is one way to do it.

According to Tib-e-Nabi (Medicine of the Prophet), there are not only numerous benefits to cucumber and date alone, but the combination proves a healthy, complementary marriage of nutrition.

Cucumber is insipid and tasteless, and dates are sweet which results in the cucumber also tasting sweet. Both are opposite to each other & cucumbers are rich in water contains.


This Ramadan, the official date of My Halal Kitchen is Nature’s Anthem California Medjool dates. They are plump and large enough to stuff, making this recipe for Dates with Creme Fraiche & Cucumber so delightftul!


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