Culinary and Cosmetic Uses of Argan Oil

Culinary & Cosmetic Uses of Argan Oil | My Halal Kitchen

Have you ever tried argan oil?  It is some really amazing stuff that is great for cooking as well as making yourself beautiful on a budget…not that you need any more beautifying, of course.  In the past year I’ve been using it in my cooking and even more so on my sensitive skin (the cosmetic grade) in a massive effort to ward off wrinkles and dry skin and everything else that will help me look younger than I am. Am I the only woman who does that?  Actually, I’m also just really averse to using expensive cosmetics with fragrance or chemicals that I don’t feel comfortable putting on my face.  

Enough from me- read on as Dana of Arganic and Joél of Saadia Organics– two women intricately involved in the production of one of nature’s finest oils ever discovered. I’ll let them tell you more about this amazing oil squeezed out of a fruit in Morocco…

Argan Oil coming from the UNESCO protected argan tree has been used by the Berber people in Morocco for centuries. It has been nicknamed ‘liquid gold’ for its multiple health benefits. Taken internally it has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and most impressively it has been documented as cancer-protective.

Culinary Uses of Argan Oil

Toasted culinary argan oil has a distinctive nutty taste which has attracted the attention of gourmet chefs around the world. It is best used as a finishing oil to drizzle on fish, vegetables, soups and pasta. It is delicious eaten simply with bread and is great in salad dressings.

In Morocco argan oil is commonly served with honey over pancakes for breakfast. It is also a main ingredient in ‘amlou’ a delicious paste made of ground almonds, argan oil and honey. It also makes a great salad dressing, just like in the recipe below.

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Date, Walnut, and Feta Salad

At Arganic we control every aspect of production of our oil from tree to bottle, ensuring you get the finest quality, pure, organic argan oil, which is delicious in this healthy salad so perfect for summer meals.


Serves 2

  •  100g of wild rocket/ruccola/arugula
A handful of dates, preferably the medjool (large and juicy) kind
A handful of walnuts, roughly chopped
  • 100g of feta cheese

For the dressing


Wash and dry the rocket and place into a large bowl.

Next pit and roughly chop the dates and add to the bowl.

Follow with the feta cheese cut into cubes and the walnuts.

For the dressing add 3 tablespoons of argan oil and 1 tablespoon of the pomegranate molasses. Add salt to taste and indulge!

Cosmetic Uses and Benefits

There is nothing better than having good quality culinary Argan Oil in your kitchen.  We also think that cosmetic Argan Oil is a must-have in every household, too.  Argan Oil of both types is made from the kernels of the inside of the pits of Argan fruit.  When manufacturing culinary oil, the kernels are lightly toasted, bringing out the rich, nutty flavour.  Cosmetic oil is made from raw kernels and works amazingly well on your skin, hair and nails.  It smooths wrinkles, reduces inflammation, hydrates and heals.  Even conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can greatly benefit from the daily application of cosmetic Argan Oil.

 Saadia Organics and Eden’s Pajama Project

We also want to let you know that Saadia Organics has recently launched a charity to make bedtime better for Moroccan kids.  The company’s production manager, Saadia, hand- presses her cosmetic grade Argan Oil in her {halal} kitchen in Essaouira, Morocco.  Her young granddaughter, Eden, lives in Vancouver and wasn’t interested in receiving birthday presents for herself this year, but instead wanted to collect gifts for Moroccan children in need.

If you are looking for a charity to donate to during Ramadan this year, this could be it.  It’s a fun project to get your children involved in, too.  Please have a look at Eden’s Pajama Project for more details:

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

About the Giveaway

Saadia Organics is offering the following giveaway items to one reader of My Halal Kitchen.

  • One 50 ml bottle of Saadia Organics cosmetic-grade Argan Oil
  • A kessa (exfoliating mitten for the hammam, or for your “at home hammam”)
  • A packet of beldi (black Moroccan soap)
  • A box of Moroccan tea

Please enter by answering the following question in the comments below:

Are you most likely to use cosmetic Argan Oil on your skin, hair or nails?

To enter, please read our  Official Giveaway Guidelines page first then add a relevant comment in order to be entered.  Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 16, 2012.

If you are interested in purchasing culinary and/or cosmetic Argan Oil, please visit: www.myarganic.uk.co  (UK) or www.saadiaorganics.com (Canada).

*Disclaimer- the information provided here is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a physician before using any product to treat or prevent a medical condition.

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  1. I would most likely use the Cosmetic Argan Oil on my Skin I have had trouble with my skin for the longest and now my kids have mild eczema so I would use it on there skin also.

  2. I would use Argan oil on my skin. I have very dry skin and I am hoping that it is useful. Also if I got hungry during my treatment I could make a salad, hah!

  3. I would use it for skin because i have such a dry and sensitive skin. My hair is dry so i would use argan oil to nurture it. And i would use it for the nails aswell. Cant wait to get my hands on it,would love to win it incha Allah !

  4. We’d use the Argan oil for our skin and hair. We keep an oil blend upstairs that works really well for us, and we use it for both purposes. InshaaAllaah the Argan oil would be a good addition.

  5. Would love to try this on my skin…with winter fast approaching, what a blessing that would be for dry skin:)

  6. I would most likely use it on my skin for daily massage. Daily (or as frequently as you can) self-massage is wonderful for health, relaxing, and invigorating. A good natural massage oil is an integral part of that.

  7. Definitely skin…i have had acne pretty much my whole life and I wanna see if this will help!

  8. Hi Everyone!

    Great to hear all of your responses so far.

    I look forward to sending one of you all of the Moroccan goodies soon. 🙂

    Just to let you know, we are offering free shipping on our cosmetic grade Argan Oil right now at http://www.saadiaorganics.com if you want to give it a try. The offer stands until August 31st.

    Kindest Regards,

    Saadia Organics Argan Oil

  9. Yvonne, thank you so much for profiling this information. I just turned 60 this year & am not happy w/ the way my arms are looking, so I’m very interested in all of these products. I understand that one’s skin is also dependent on what we eat – so using the oil inside & out is just the “double whammy” I need!

    Joel, how wonderful that you are connecting w/ us! I’m going to send your link to my son & daughter-in-law. They are expecting a baby this fall & I’m sure our whole family will enjoy your line!
    Rev. Cynthia

  10. Eden’s pajama party charity sounds wonderful!

    If I won the giveaway, I would use the argon oil on my hair and skin. After giving birth to 2 kids, my hair is in really bad shape. I’m looking for natural products to use on my hair and am trying to stay away from products with tons of chemicals. My skin has also become very dry and I would use the oil instead of a moisturizer.

  11. Just yesterday after reading all about argan oil here,I walk into Walgreens for a can of milk late in the evening & there sitting right in front of the door is a shelf full of moroccan argan oil for sale, buy one get one free from ORGANIX…..I grab one instantly….Thanks to you, never heard of argan oil before,will try & let you know how it works.Thank you for posting interesting info on beauty & cooking products:)

  12. Argan oil sounds so ROCKING! I hadn’t heard of it before, and am so intrigued. (Your salad recipe looks delicious!) I’d use the cosmetic version of the oil on my skin, as I have very sensitive skin, particularly in summer. It sounds like it’d be very light and refreshing, and hopefully not greasy at all.

  13. Yes, I use it. The local Sur La Table is owned by a Muslim. I was browsing and saw they had Argan oil on sale. I should have bought all they had. My daughter and I were putting it on our salads, dipping it with flatbread, using it on foods I’m sure they did not think of putting it on. Smile

    I would love to use the cosmetic grade in hair care preparation and on our skin. i noticed a lot of hair care products are using Argan oil in their formulas, so I would definitely use it.

  14. Id use it for all 3 my skin is dry from working in the sun, my nailss can always use mourishment and my hair gets bad frizz lol

  15. I would like to try using cosmetic Argan Oil on my hair, skin, AND nails! I think that my nails especially may benefit from it. I really enjoyed this post as I am becoming increasingly interested in using more natural and organic cosmetic products. I believe that things that come from nature are much better for us than chemicals!!

  16. Ever since I gave birth to my daughter my hair turned to very dry.i tried many things but alas nothing works. I hope that this product would help me.

  17. I would want to use it for my hair and my skin. Both can dry out easily and a natural remedy would be much appreciated . For every physical ailment, God has created a natural remedy . Fom what I’ve read thus far, argon oil may be one of His great gifts to humanity.

    Stores often sell argon oil blends, but I’ve yet to find a pure form of this oil that will not leave a gaping hole in my wallet. Here’s to wishful thinking!

  18. I would definitely use it for my skin! I have heard so many wonderful things about this oil and have been dying to try it out. Good luck with Eden’s Pajama Project. What a wonderful idea!

  19. Will use on face, and hair. After reading their website looks like something I need to try!

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