Creamy Date Shake

If you live anywhere in California or nearby, you’ve probably heard of date milkshakes and the pretty well-known stands at farms and orchards who sell them. I have lived in California, driven through it many times from all different angles and have never tried one, but I’ve heard plenty about them.

Date Shake

A date shake perfect for iftar, and a great way to incorporate dates into your diet 

This Ramadan I decided to make my own since we always have so many dates on hand and sometimes I just crave something creamy, delicious and healthy, too. 

dates and shake side by side

This date shake is great either at Suhoor or Iftar time and is beneficial in so many ways- full of fiber and dairy, it’s filling and healthy. My recommendation is to use Medjool dates (pitted) if you don’t have the Deglet Noor recommended in this recipe. You can also use whole milk instead of yogurt to thin it out a bit.


Creamy Date Shake

Serves 2


½ cup Deglet  Noor dates (pitted) or Medjool dates (pitted)

½  cup whole-milk yogurt

2 tablespoons heavy cream

½ cup whole milk

2 tablespoons honey (optional)


  1. Remove any seeds and stems from the dates.
  2. In a large blender combine all the ingredients and blend for at least one minute, or until the mixture is smooth or to the preferred texture.
  3. Pour into glasses and serve with a straw for easier drinking.

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  1. This is a great idea however too high in fat and calories for me. i’ll make a modification using almond milk and will probably add protein powder and leave out the yogurt.

    1. Salaam

      I would agree! It sounds heavenly, but I would most likely use my skim milk and non-fat yogurt and maybe swap the honey for agave nectar. For the kids, however, I would use this recipe, as they have faster metabolism.

      Happy Ramadhan!

    2. If anyone is concerned with fat and calories but still wants to stick to the real whole food ingredients listed in the recipe, it can be divided up (i.e. cut in half or shared).

  2. I tried it once at a restaurant next to a beach in CA, it wasn’t the best. Your recipe sounds really good, I gotta try it!

  3. If looking for something a bit more protein-heavy, my personal favorite is a chocolate-peanut butter date smoothie. It’s super easy to make and literally tastes like liquid Snickers, except without the guilt:

    Serves 1

    -1/4 cup milk (can substitute with non-fat yogurt for added thickness)
    -2 large medjool dates, pitted and split into quarters
    -1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I like MRM 100% All Natural Whey)
    -1 tbsp. crunchy peanut butter (personal choice is Santa Cruz Organic)
    -3/4 cup crushed ice

    You can also throw half, or a full banana in to make it extra creamy.

  4. Can’t wait to try this. Have tried to make date shakes in the past and failed excellently so am very happy to hear that there is a date shake that works. Actually funny I just made a milkshake about one hour ago that I love and thought to share it too:

    200 ml raw milk ( yes we can buy this in street markets here in London)
    1 medium or large banana (small is not enough sweetness lol)
    40g organic smooth peanut butter ( you can experiment with any combination of nut butters)

    Blend for about 20 seconds and ma sha Allah, a surprisingly creamy natural and delicious shake; I have this nearly everyday! Disclaimer: I am slightly underweight so can have this without a worry but if you struggle with wait you might not want to have this twice a day like I once was. Peace!

  5. Are deglet dates required for this recipes? Will this stay creamy with lower-fat options like skim or 1 % milk and yogurt? What could you substitute the heavy cream with?

  6. Try the apple pie smoothie….(very light/healthy and very filling)…..

    1 red apple cored and finely chopped (leave skin on)

    1 small banana chopped (tip: keep some frozen…makes a creamier smoorhie and u won’t need to add ice)

    5/7 almonds chopped or walnuts

    1/2 skimmed milk

    3/4 fat free greek yogurt

    Half teaspoon cinnamon powder…..


  7. Red Berry Smoothie…..

    1/4 cup frozen blueberries

    1 cup frozen raspberries

    1 tablespoon flax seeds

    Half an orange chopped

    Half cup skimmed milk OR 1 cup water

    1 (20g) scoop of vanilla protein powder. ( i use the 90% soya protein powder, low in sugar and naturally high in protein).

  8. MashaAllah great recipe! I’m going to make this today for Iftar. I would skip the cream and add half a banana and some peanut butter. Can’t wait to try!

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